miRTarCLIP, a systematic approach for mining miRNA-target sites from CLIP-Seq and PAR-CLIP sequencing data, and integrated the workflow with a graphical web-based browser, which provides a user friendly interface and detailed annotations of MTIs. We also showed through real-life examples that miRTarCLIP is a powerful tool for understanding miRNAs. Our integrated tool can be accessed online free.

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miRTarCLIP needs to execute in x86 Linux 32 or 64 bit system. See Tutorial. The current source code version 1.0.1: miRTarCLIP_Linux_x32 or miRTarCLIP_Linux_x64

Recent news

» 1.0.1 release - 2013.11.30 x32  x64
  ✧ Update miRTarBase version to 4.0
  ✧ Update bowtie version to 1.0.0

» 1.0.0 release - 2012.8.15 x32  x64

Citing miRTarCLIP

C.H. Chou, F.M. Lin, M.T. Chou, S.D. Hsu, T.H. Chang, S.L. Weng, S. Shrestha, C.C. Hsiao, J.H. Hung* and H.D. Huang* (2013) A computational approach for identifying microRNA-target interactions using high-throughput CLIP and PAR-CLIP sequencing" BMC Genomics [PubMed] [Link]

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  • » Release 1.0.1 at 2013.11.30


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